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Ped. Nephrology

The Division of Pediatric Nephrology provides 24-hour care for premature infants, newborns, and adolescents up to the age of 18 for all types of renal and urological disorders, and is an evacuation hospital for diagnosis and care.

邱元佑醫師 Yuan-Yow,Chiou  ✿Attending physician
✿Director of  Pediatric Nephrology 
✿ General Pediatrics
✿ Pediatric Nephrology
✿ Developmental Biology
✿ Cell Biology
✿ Renal and Urinary tract Ultrasonography
✿ Renal Replacement Therapy
陳致嘉醫師 Chih-Chia,Chen  ✿ Attending physician ✿ General Pediatrics
✿ Pediatric Nephrology