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Ped. Infectious Diseases

The Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases actively participates in the sharing with primary care physicians on the diagnosis and prevention various infectious diseases, especially enteroviruses, to raise their awareness of disease, improve the overall quality of medical care, and reduce patient complications and deaths.

劉清泉醫師 Ching-Chuan,Liu ✿Professor
✿Director of  Pediatric Infectious Diseases
✿ General Pediatrics
✿ Pediatric Infectious Diseases
✿ Vaccinology
✿ Clinical microbiology & Epidemiology
✿ Infection control
✿ Mechanisms Research of Enterovirus ,dengue,GAS
沈靜芬醫師 Ching-Fen,Shen ✿ Clinical instructor
✿ Attending physician
✿ General Pediatrics
✿ Pediatrics Infectious Disease