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The Department of Pediatrics of the National Cheng Kung University Hospital is the first institution in Southern Taiwan to provide full care for children in a national medical center. The Department of Pediatrics of National Cheng Kung University Hospital was established in 1988, and has now surpassed its “30-year mark.” By former Director Professor Lin Chyi-Her, Professor Yeh Tsu-Fuh, Professor Lin Shio-Jea, Professor Chen Yung-Jung, Professor Liu Ching-Chuan, Professor Wu Jing-Ming, Professor Yang Yao-Jong, and the joint efforts of all outstanding colleagues have been a source of numerous breakthroughs and passionate voyages in pediatric medicine. It is based on safety, quality, and family-centered care that builds on innovation and reform of healthcare to improve the health of children and save countless children's lives.

  The research of our department is to ignite and move forward with a deep knowledge and understanding of children diseases, combined with world-class innovation platforms, including the new peritoneal dialysis team, cancer bone marrow transplant team, cardiac catheter and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation team, gastroenterology & hepatology and endoscopy of newborn nerve team, genetic rare disease team, asthma and immunity team, enterovirus team, kidney team, and premature infant care team. The ongoing mission of our research is to keep the prognosis of children changing and improving, and to allow our clinicians working closely with scientists, so that new discoveries in clinical diagnosis and laboratory translational medicine can be brought back to the bedside of children with illness more quickly.

  Looking to the future, we will continue to make the growth of this destiny community with the enthusiasm of teaching first, research first, service first, and move upward and forward to shine and glow. Let us all be motivated by children, with the aim of health for all children.

Director: Prof. Wang Shih-Min