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The Division of Neonatology establishes a high-quality intensive care unit and provides specialized care programs for preterm infants in a family-centered way, such as offering discharge preparation services and discharge follow-up; through a dedicated case management model, providing appropriate assistance to preterm infants with different levels of illness upon admission; assessing their needs for discharge; providing family members with knowledge and skills in care prior to discharge; and providing outpatient follow-up and telephone return visits after discharge, to provide comprehensive and continuous care for families of preterm infants.

 林其和醫師  Chyi-Her, Lin   ✿Distinguished experts Neonatology
林毓志醫師 Yuh-Juh, Lin ✿Attending physician
✿Director of Neonatology
✿Clinical associate professor
✿General Pediatrics
✿Pediatrics Pulmonology
林永傑醫師 Yung-Chieh, Lin ✿Attending physician ✿Neonatology
✿Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
✿Medical Nutrition
張毓珊醫師 Yu-Shan, Chang ✿Attending physician ✿Neonatology
陳妍如醫師  Yen-Ju, Chen ✿Attending physician ✿Neonatology